Feedback is always welcome.

We divide feedback into 2 categories – the feedback that is useful to other customers or users of our services and, feedback that is meant for us to improve / change the way that we do things.

All feedback is read. Where it is considered necessary, feedback is responded to. In those circumstances, feedback is considered to be a private exchange between us and the sender and it is not permitted to be used for any public forum or published in any way on any platform without our express written permission.

Simply because all feedback is read by our staff, we expect the language used to be polite, factual and honest. We will not tolerate any abusive or personal comments.

Finally, we welcome criticism if it is constructive. We understand that the process of selling you something on the Internet, dispatching it to you, you receiving it safely and us being paid for that does not always go smoothly and we also make mistakes. We try very hard to learn from them, but we are only human. When we say that, we include every single person in the chain who is involved in the process of completing your order – that includes the driver who brings it to your door and the team behind them.

Thank you for sending us feedback