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Mixed Bed Tulsion Mb-115 Di Resin for Softeners and Window Cleaning Filters

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MB-115 is a mixed bed resin of strongly acidic cation exchange resin
Tulsion T-46 in Hydrogen form and strongly basic type 1 anion exchange
resin Tulsion A-33 in hydroxide form in 1:1.5 volume ratio.

Tulsion MB-115 is designed for use in final polishing for production of ultra pure water.

Tulsion MB-115 is a high grade mixed bed resin that can cope with high input mS/cm or ppm giving you ultra pure water

MB-115 demineralizer resin applications include water fed pole
industry, car valeting, electronics, electronic industries which
manufacture semi conductors and television tubes, glass
cleaning,EDM,cosmetics, Steam Irons and many more applications where
demin water is required

Tulsion MB-115 is equivalent to Purolite MB 400 and Dowex MB 50

MB-115 is a higher grade of resin which has a higher capacity that
cheaper grades of resin on the market which will have a lower capacity

Product Specification
Tulsion T-46H (Cation)
Ionic Form: Hydrogen
Total Exchange Capcity: 1.8meq/ml min of 99% in H form
Moisture Content: 52+/-3%
pH range: 0-14 

Tulsion A-33 0H (Anion)
Ionic Form: Hydroxide
Total Exchange Capcity: 1meq/ml min of 90% in OH form & max 1% in CL form
Moisture Content: 70+/-3%
pH range: 0-14 

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Deionisation (DI) Resin



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