About the salt man

“the salt man” Has been delivering salt to customers around the UK for more than 23 years. We now operate over 7 days a week and work most bank holidays too, packing and delivering salt in various forms for customers everywhere throughout the United Kingdom.

We don’t mind if we dispatch 1 bag of salt or 1 lorry load. Each order gets the same care and attention and almost everything we do is completed and delivered within 7 days.

We became interested in supplying salt to customers because we sell water softeners. In the early days salt was sold without VAT and sometimes it was tricky to come by so we saw the need – no one wants their softener to run out of salt – and decided that we could be good at it. We pick the best quality brands available and hold over 100 tonnes in stock so that when there is a problem we are better placed to resolve it.

We are independent retailers of water softeners, deliberately so. Many retailers are tied to one or two brands and as a consequence, we see time and again that a customer has bought the softener that the sales person wanted to sell – rather than the best one for them. We sell electric and non-electric softeners for one person dwellings all the way up to huge softeners for large blocks of flats or commercial buildings. We base our sales patter on knowledge and experience and we offer a choice, for the customer to decide at their leisure and without any time constraints or pressure.

We also sell taps and filters etc, kitchen sinks and accessories – basically we are interested in providing quality items that can be used to treat or improve the water.

We welcome all enquiries from any part of the UK.