Terms of Business

Trading Names: – The Water Softener Company Ltd trades using the following business names; “the salt man” (primarily for salt sales not on the Internet), “The Water Softener Company” (primarily for all sales on the Internet), “Klear Water Systems” (primarily for sales dealing with customers from that business, parts of which were acquired in 2018. From time to time we may decide to use any of the trading names for any business purpose. Any reference to any trading name should be understood as a reference to The Water Softener Company Ltd and these terms of business refer to all trading names.

The Standard terms of Business for all sales for this Business are available by email or from our shop. These Terms of Business are adapted from the Standard terms of Business specifically to ensure that we comply with the legislation regarding Distance selling – the ability to conduct business with consumers over the Internet and by telephone.

  • These Terms of Business are between The Water Softener Company Ltd, and hereinafter referred to as the Company and its customers being those parties wishing to purchase goods and / or services from the Company. These Terms of Business will remain in force for all orders transacted between the Company and its customers unless the Company has amended any or all of them in writing. A customer supplying its own terms of business to the Company will not automatically mean that the customer’s terms take precedent. No business will be conducted with any person, firm or business unless these Terms of Business or any written variation are agreed and the customer accepts that these Terms are in force if they continue to conduct business.
  • An order falls under the Distance regulations if it is sold using a regular method of distance communication such as the phone, post or the Internet. A customer has the right to cancel this type of contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods and / or service.
  • It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations please contact us using the information provided herein.
  • For the purposes of all the Regulations our correspondence and trading address is 8 Sheldon Road, Chippenham SN14 0BN. A telephone number to be used to contact us is 01249 446688 although we have others. Emails can be sent to enquiries@thesaltman.com.
  • Full details of the product chosen, the quantity of each product, the cost of each product including the total cost for that quantity chosen, any shipping costs for the method of delivery chosen and any taxes due on the order if it is proceeded with will be made available to the website user before they are required to pay. The total price will include all costs that reasonably could have been known at the time of the order. If subsequent costs are identified the customer will be informed before the cost is incurred and given the choice to continue with the additional cost, without the additional cost or to cease the contract.
  • Any warranties or after-sales service included will be stipulated in writing.
  • Any cost of return of an item is the sole responsibility of the customer unless the item is not fit for purpose, has been supplied incorrectly, or to the wrong address. The customer and the Company must agree on the method of return and the customer accepts liability of the cost of the product until such time as it has been received by the Company. A signature service is advised.
  • Any sums already paid at the time of cancellation will be refunded in the same manner as they were paid and the refund will take place within 14 days of either receiving the cancellation notice if no goods have yet been supplied or of the Company receiving the goods back. The customer warrants that they will track any returns and insure such returns to the full retail value of all contents within the return package so that the Company is not liable for any damage to those goods upon the receipt of same. The customer further warrants to use the return goods procedure set out by the Company so that the Company is aware at all times of any returns due.
  • This Company is a member of the Trading Standards scheme – “Buy With Confidence” and we are happy to abide by their decision in any dispute with a customer.
  • A contract is provisionally agreed between the Customer and the Company once an order is placed on the Company website and payment is made and confirmed. The order is then reviewed and either accepted or rejected. If an order is rejected any payment made is refunded as quickly as is possible using the same method that the payment was made. If the order is accepted a confirmation email will be sent advising of the fact and of any other information available at that time such as delivery expectations, tracking numbers and so forth.
  • A customer should present an order number at the beginning of the order process if one is required in order for the Company to receive payment.
  • Orders for salt of any type when no other product or service is ordered at the same time are considered ready for delivery when the order has been paid for. The Company processes salt orders so quickly that it is not always possible to send an email confirming acceptance so if an email is not received within 4 hours of the next business day after the order was completed on the website then the customer can consider the order is accepted.
  • The Company reserves the right to vary the order at its discretion provided that the variation still provides the customer with the essence of the order.
  • Any variation in an order that results in a difference in the price charged will mean that a new document will be prepared for the customer to accept and the process will commence again from that point. In situations where salt is ordered and a substitute brand or product is supplied the Company warrants that the substituted product will perform the same function and cause no damage to the appliance in which it is to be used nor to any other device using water from the appliance in which the salt was used.
  • The product that is delivered will be the product that has been ordered. By way of example, if you order a brand of salt that makes round salt tablets but you receive a brand that makes square salt tablets the order has been fulfilled correctly because the size and shape of the salt tablet is immaterial to how it performs and because we warrant that no harm will come to the appliance in which the salt is used, or in which the water is used that has been treated by the same appliance.
  • A product’s packaging may change in accordance with decisions that are outside of the Company’s control. Any product sold by weight is done so on the understanding that we have purchased it at that weight and we will not be liable for any discrepancies other than those which are accepted by our suppliers unless we have packaged and weighed those goods ourselves.
  • The Company does not accept any right of offset between any goods and / or services supplied by the Company and any goods or services it purchases from a supplier.
  • Orders will be fulfilled as soon as reasonably practical after their receipt. If a specific date for delivery is required, it must be made clear at the time of ordering and that order must be made in writing. On occasion the Company may wish to deliver on public holidays or at weekends. If the Company chooses to do so then that will be at no extra cost to the customer. If the customer makes a request to receive the order on any public holiday, during a weekend or during hours other than 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday the Company reserves the right to charge an additional fee.
  • At any time that the Company is unable to completely fulfil an order the Company will decide to part deliver the order or to hold it until complete fulfilment is possible. The Company accepts no liability for any incomplete orders and any liability that the Company might become liable for is limited to the original cost of the product.
  • If for any reason the Company has to send a document by post or other non-electronic means the Company will charge an admin fee of £5.00 plus VAT
  • Payment should be made to the Company by utilising the payment facilities on the Company website. If a payment is made directly into the Company bank account then a communication is required to confirm that the payment has been made and to which order it refers. The correct bank account will be shown on our invoice and this is the only bank account that we will accept payments into. If payment is made into a bank account that differs from that shown on our invoice, then that payment is not deemed to be valid and payment is still due. Alternatively, payment can be made using a debit or credit card by the customer visiting our shop during its opening hours. In any event, to qualify for any offered payment discount, the payment must be made within the time limit prescribed.
  • Any order for goods or services is placed by the customer and accepted by this Company on the basis that the customer accepts all of these Terms of Business.
    These Terms of Business are governed by English law. The Company and its customers agree the courts of England and Wales will have jurisdiction to hear any disputes arising in relation to these Terms. If any Term is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, that Term shall, insofar as it is severable from the remaining Terms, be deemed to be omitted from these Terms of Business and shall in no way affect the legality, validity or enforceability of any of the remaining Terms.